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Where Joy Meets Learning, and Hearts Connect the World.

Enhance Development with Integrated Mindfulness:

Discover Our Unique Program Focused on Resilience, Cultural Awareness, and Emotional Growth, Refined through Expertise from Princeton University

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From the Experts at IM Mindfulness Institute, introducing:

Pawesomeness academy:

‘Sunny's Mindful Adventures Around the World‘ Program series


Sunny, an adventurous furry friend from New Zealand, embarking on a global journey of discovery and learning.

He is journeying across diverse cultures, bringing a unique educational experience to schools and community organizations.

His adventures serve as a captivating framework for teaching mindfulness, cultural awareness, and emotional intelligence.

A truly engaging approach to enriching the educational landscape, fostering a well-rounded development in young minds.


me, Sunny

One day, I finally got my chance to leave my home country New Zealand and travel the world!

I packed my bag with all my favorite things and set off on a journey to explore new places and meet new friends.

As I'm traveling from country to country, I'm learning all about mindfulness in practice, which involves being fully present in the moment and paying attention to my thoughts and feelings.

My adventures are taking me to breathtakingly beautiful places, from the crystal clear waters of California to the snowy peaks of the Swiss Alps.

I met all sorts of interesting animals and made many new human friends along the way.

So come join me on my exciting adventures and learn all about mindfulness in my new, fun program series!

Alarming Rise in Student Mental Health Crisis

  • Anxiety Nearly 1 in 3 adolescents will meet the criteria for an anxiety disorder by the age of 18.1
  • Distraction 9 hours a day is the average that U.S. teens spend on digital entertainment, excluding school work.
  • Isolation Nearly 40% of high school seniors report that they often feel lonely and left out.
  • Trauma 46% of all children in the U.S. have experienced at least one adverse childhood experience (ACE).
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Sunny's passion for addressing these challenges led to the founding of:

Pawesomeness Academy

Where Joy Meets Learning, and Hearts Connect the World.

Embark on Sunny's Educational Adventure with Your Organization.

Crafted for young, curious minds to learn how to...

Challenges Confronting Educators

Teachers aim to create supportive communities for students, but their demanding work conditions can limit productivity and creativity, leading to anxiety, frustration, and burnout.

  • Stress: A significant 61% of teachers report experiencing high levels of stress.
  • Burnout: Nearly 59% of teachers in the United States express feelings of burnout.
  • Mental Health: Approximately 58% of educators rate their mental health as "poor."
  • Retention: Public school educators are leaving their positions at a rate that is now at a historical high.

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A 2022 meta-analysis of educator well-being initiatives found that not only did mindfulness have the most robust evidence base, but it was also the only intervention that created sustained changes in educator well-being, between three and five months after delivery.



During my travels

I discovered that mindfulness helps me to feel calm and centered, even during all the excitement and adventure of travel.

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I've visited 14 countries on 3 continents so far...

I always dreamed of seeing the world,

and now I have the chance to do it!

I learned that mindfulness can help me to appreciate and enjoy every moment, no matter where I am or what I'm doing.

Pawesomeness Academy:

A Pathway to Fostering Calm and Curiosity in Organizational Learning

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Sample Exercise Highlight:

Explore 'The Art of Taking Mindful Breaks' – Fun mindfulness lessons from Sunny. Learn the importance of relaxation and unwinding through activities like reflective daily reviews, mindful drawing, and meditation.

“Mindfulness is like being a superhero, noticing everything with your super senses – what you see, hear, smell, taste, and feel!”

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Sunny Teaches: How to care for body and mind through healthy habits. He believes starting mindfulness and healthy living at an early age equips kids for better choices as they grow!

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"That's right, just keep breathing and let yourself sink into the bed," Sunny said softly. "Remember, you are safe and loved, and everything will be okay."

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Meet Our Expert Team at IM Mindfulness Institute

Prof. Dr. Karl Nielsen, Co-founder and Global President of the associations for NLP, Coaching, Hypnosis, Constellation, Positive Psychology, and Mindfulness with 10,000+ members in 99 countries.

Dr Nielsen is the Dean of the Psychology Faculty at Universidad Central de Nicaragua.

He brings German precision to all his work, integrating psychological insights with mindfulness.

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Arline Davies, Born in the US and now based in Brazil, offers vast expertise in corporate training with a focus on designing and leading leadership programs, competency development workshops, and systemic gap analysis. Her international experience is further enriched by her role as the USA President of the International Association of Mindfulness and Coaching Institutes.

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ildy M., Founder of IM Mindfulness Institute and Princeton University educator, bringing 14 years of well-being expertise, enriched by experiences in Hungary, the UK, New Zealand, and the USA. Her diverse background includes teaching mindful jazz ballet to children aged 4-14 in schools and kindergartens, nurturing both physical coordination and creative expression in young learners. She is also a globally recognized speaker.

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Darko Cvetkovic, M.D. is a Serbian doctor, renowned for his innovative medical approaches and mindfulness techniques, uniquely combining medical expertise with meditation, NLP, and Reiki. Darko is a certified NLP Master Traner, ICI Coach Master Trainer, Mindfulness Master Trainer In-Me, Meditation, and Reiki Teacher.

“Through my travels, I learned that the world is a big, wonderful place full of endless wonders to discover and explore.” Sunny

Organizations can leverage these insights to enrich their own communities with broader perspectives and learning.

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Our Mission

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At Pawesomeness Academy, our mission is to infuse the educational environment with the essence of mindfulness, laughter, and the joy of global adventures.

Inspired by our founder, Sunny, a real-life dog embodiment of a Disney-like character, we strive to enrich the programs of schools, YMCAs, and organizations with our unique blend of mindfulness practices and storytelling.

Our commitment is to foster a global community united by strong values, mutual respect, and traditional morals.

We focus on fun, heartfelt laughter, and kindness, using global adventures to encourage an understanding and appreciation of diverse cultures.

Our programs are designed to build resilience, nurture consciousness, and promote generosity and gratitude.

In every interaction, online or in person, we aim to be a shining light of love without judgment, uniting communities and countries in a journey towards a more compassionate, culturally enriched world.

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Cultivate Growth and Awareness

with Sunny's Inspiring Global Adventures.

For all Pawesomeness Academy inquiries, please contact us at:




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